Maurice-Leon Kästner rockig
Melina Büttner Frau Milch macht blau
Lea Herzberg und nochmal neu
Lena Brand 2 /* Lena Brand */ @import url(‘[email protected]&display=swap’); @import url(‘[email protected];600&display=swap’); body { background-image: linear-gradient(to top, white 30%, rgb(229,217,209) 70%); font-family: ‘Source Sans Pro’, sans-serif; color: #b67662; font-size: 20px; } header{ text-align: center; } h1, h3, h4{ font-family: ‘Open Sans Condensed’, sans-serif; font-size: 30px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #b67662} h1{ color: #b67662; position: relative; padding-top: 100px; font-size: 50px; } […]
Roman Buss @import url(‘’); //* Roman Buss Semester 5.1*// h1, h2, h3, h4,h5, p, li {font-family: ‘Open Sans Condensed’, sans-serif} body { background-color:beige ; padding: 0; margin: 0} nav {position: fixed; z-index: 2; background: white; width: 100%; height: 63px; padding-top: 15px;padding-left: 80px} nav ul li {float: left; position: relative; list-style: none;} nav a:hover {background: #2F4F4F; color: white;} […]
Jeremy Jonas body { margin: 0 auto; position: relative; font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: 100; } #attitude, #nahrung, #areas, #events, #location, #history, #angebot { background: rgba(90, 126, 230, .5); padding-top: 1px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 8px; padding-bottom: 4px; margin-top: 10px; } #footer { background: rgba(90, 126, 230); padding-bottom: 1px; padding-top: 1px; text-align: center; } aside { font-size: 1.5em; text-align: […]
Lena Brand sweet
Christoph Gerlich Milch Milch Milch
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